The fight against Covid; vaccine, yes or no?

When the vaccine arrived in Nigeria, there was a link made available and citizens were told to register and the date of vaccination will be made known to them. I registered and picked the nearest health centre close to my residence but months after registering I did not get any text message neither did I receive a mail concerning the vaccination process. Automatically, I forgot about it and decided I’d take the vaccine whenever it is made available to me.

Months passed and I have finally taken the vaccine (I did not get any notification), I simply walked into the nearest health centre and took the shot. Was it worth it and were there any side effects? Yes and Yes.

The Process

I got up pretty early to get to the centre so I could be among the first people to get the vaccine but I did not put too much emphasis on my arrival time. My mother had taken hers the previous day and she told me there were only few people taking the shot so I assumed it would be the same for me. Well, I was wrong! I got to the centre and I was number 30 on the list, I already concluded that they weren’t going to follow the list and I’d be there for a long time. To my surprise, no one was given priority even the elderly ones. The only thing was that the individuals taking down the patient’s details were very slow and data that could have entered using a laptop was being inputted on a phone. After almost one hour, I took the vaccine(painless I must say) and was told to sit for a while for observation and that was it, the first dose was done. Second dose to be taken in September.


My mum took hers a day before and had no side effect so I assumed I wouldn’t either but I was wrong. I got home and started to feel light headed but I shrugged it off and went to bed. Hours after, I woke up with a headache, cold and fever. My whole body felt weak, I lost my appetite and I felt like throwing up. I had to take pain killers because my arm started to hurt. The nurses told us earlier that side effects were normal and while some people might have these effects, others might not. A day after taking the vaccine, I feel better, my arm still hurt and I have a slight headache but overall I am way better than I was yesterday.

Some things to note

  1. Eat before taking the vaccine
  2. Take painkillers after taking the vaccine
  3. Rest immediately after taking the vaccine (do not involve in any strenuous exercise)
  4. Don’t be afraid, the vaccine is for your good
  5. Mask up; the first dose of vaccine doesn’t give you immunity against the virus

I took my vaccine at General Hospital, Ifako Lagos state. Search for the nearest vaccine centre close to you and you’ll be surprised on how easy it is to take the shot.



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Ekekwe Karen

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